false flat
 A surprisingly difficult section of road that looks flat but is actually slightly uphill. No matter how hard you pedal you go way slower than you think you should be going.

Photo 24-05-2016, 12 23 22

In my younger days I rode a hardtail mountain bike around the dirt trails of the South Wales Valleys and thought bikes could never get better. Fast forward 10 years and I was riding a full suspension mountain bike around the trail centres that had popped up since the explosion in the popularity of cycling. I resisted the lure of the road bike until recent years, never understanding the appeal, until I picked one up at a bargain price. Riding it freed the mind, and I soon came to realise the more I suffered, the greater the reward. No more was this true than when going up hills. To those that feel the same, no explanation is necessary.

When I’m not on my bike and distracted by the necessary evil that is modern living, I am thinking about my next adventure. This blog is a collection of my random musings on the subject. I find it cathartical, even if no-one is listening.

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